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It’s time for you to know the truth: Canadian cannabis producers don’t like growing sativas. And what they pass off as a sativa often ends up being crossed so many times with an indica that whatever characteristic sativa traits are left become a weak copy of the real thing.

So why is no one growing sativas? Because indica plants grow faster. They need less light to flower. They yield more grams per plant. All that adds up to faster harvests, cheaper production and higher yields. And when you’re trying to maximize profits like the bankers playing grow-op, you stick with what gets you the biggest return. 

We’re done with that.

It’s time to treat sativas for what they are: pure wonders distinctly different from indicas that have earned their place in any growroom and in every stash. Durban Poison. Chocolate Thai. Lamb's Bread. Sativas possess one-of-a-kind terpenes and uplifting effects that can’t be replicated in any indica.

Do they take longer to grow? It’s well worth the wait. Do they grow taller? They’re beasts, but worth the burden. Do they take longer to cure? Yeah, but so does barrel-aged whisky. Every production trait commercial cannabis growers stay away from allows sativas to produce a creative, energetic smoke that’s like no other, and it’s that smoke we want to share with all who seek it.

As Canada’s first all-sativa brand, Ministry of Sativa is a group on a mission: to bring people who love sativas consistent access to the greatest sativa strains on the planet. We’ve curated some of the best genetics from around the world, and we’re almost ready to show you just how good sativas can get.

So maybe you’re a daytime smoker, a creative smoker, or a smoker who needs a break from indicas. It doesn’t matter: we’re here for anyone who understands (or will soon find out) why the alchemy of sativa is unlike anything else.

Be prepared. The truth is coming soon.